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A simple Prayer...

You may struggle with finding time or energy to pray on a daily basis; you are not alone! And yet, as a follower of Jesus, prayer is our connection to our Heavenly Father. Our prayer time should be a time of listening and waiting for God to speak to us, as well as a time to pour out our hearts to God for those we love and what is causing pain, distress and worry in our lives.

Finding the time to pray or trying to stay awake to listen becomes just some of the problems we face when we commit to making it a daily discipline in our lives. Maybe we struggle to know what to pray about or maybe we are afraid God isn't listening to us.

If you are struggling to pray or not sure God is listening or even cares, I want to help you! I want to give you a simple prayer and an easy process to follow. Try this...

1. Find a place to meet with God; comfortable but not too comfortable. Inside or outside and pick a time each day to meet with God in that place.

2. Set a time frame... start small but stay consistent and committed to it every day. Start meeting with God for 5-15 minutes.

3. Have a pen and a pad of paper handy to write down anything you think you hear God say to you. Whatever comes into your mind, write it down.

4. Pray this simple prayer... God, what do you want me to “catch” from You today? God, what are you asking me to “release” and turn over to You today or let go of?

5. Stay awake and listen and write it down!

God is listening; He cares deeply for you and He loves you very much! Give it some time, God will speak to you!

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