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But can... I can!

(inspired by a work site in my neighborhood and Matthew 25:31-46)

Down from my house in the city is a construction site that my dog Murphy and I walk by every day. Lots of hard working men and women flow in and out of the site, and once in awhile we catch them on their break... lunch, smoking, texting or talking on their phones, etc. To keep the property clean, they have placed these buckets (pictured here) around the site. For some strange reason, after walking the dog one day, I found humor and inspiration from the title on these cans!

For those of you who smoke, you get it... this is the place you dispose of your cigarette butt! (wasn't sure it was spelled with two "t's" but whatever)

And then it hit me! (usually it's Jesus getting my attention about some work He wants to do in my life and He wants me to join in on the "fun") I have a "butt can" in my life, and it goes something like this...

Jesus reminds me of the mission, "Who did you feed today that was hungry?" My response, "I didn't get around to it today, but can you make sure I have enough to eat today?"

Jesus responds... "I can and I did! Who did you take care of that was thirsty today?" My response, "I'm not sure I met anyone who was thirsty today Lord, but can you take care of this request for me?"

Jesus responds... "I can and I will! Who did you befriend today that was a stranger to me?" My response, "I am afraid to talk to others, especially now with this whole virus thing everywhere, but can you make me feel comfortable and loved? I am feeling alone!"

Jesus responds... "I can and I do, everyday! Who did you clothe today with mercy and grace? Who did you help who had a physical need?" My response, "I don't have the time or the money right now to help someone else, but can you provide help for all the problems happening to me and my house?"

Jesus responds... "I can and I do, everyday! How did you care for the sick people in your life?" My response, "I should have checked in on so and so, but can you change my attitude cause I am not happy!"

Jesus responds... "I can and I show you my love everyday through my word! Did you bother to read it today? By the way, who did you set free today with the good news of my life?" My response, "I am tired and sacred to talk about life with you, and I just need a break, but can you answer all those prayer requests I've made to you over the past few days? I would really appreciate it, and I promise to spend more time in your word, really!"

My life is filled with "butt cans" and a life with Jesus is filled with "I cans"! I wonder if Jesus ever gets tired of my excuses and my selfish ways?

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