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Give credit to God...

We are unveiling a new sermon series in this new year entitled, Proclamation! We are asking ourselves this question… what is my life proclaiming to others? It’s a fair and honest question, one that deserves and honest answer.

If you claim to follow Jesus, then your life should be proclaiming certain things on a daily basis, and we should be growing in our desire to proclaim those things that Jesus commands us to obey. Each week during this sermon series, we are looking at different Bible passages, looking for the insight and truth of what our lives should be proclaiming to the world.

Jesus said to His followers… “You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept.” Matthew 5:13 (The Message)

Psalm 29 was the passage we were going to look at this weekend, but we have some “catching up” to do from last week. So, here is a word from the Word… “Give all credit to the Eternal, O heavenly creatures; give praise to Him for His glory and power. Give to the Eternal the glory due His name; worship Him with lavish displays of sacred splendor.” Psalm 29:1, 2 (The Voice Bible)

From this psalm, we learn that we are to proclaim the greatness of God by giving Him credit for all that He has done and is doing in our lives, and we are to offer praises to Him at all times. We proclaim His glory through our worship; not just “show up on Sunday and sing a few songs and sit in our pew quietly as someone else tells us about their experiences with God”, but worship that involves “lavish displays of sacred splendor”; displays of unconditional love, devotion and shouts of praise for Jesus.

We proclaim the greatness of God by telling the stories of what God is doing in our lives and what He is saying to us as we study His word. We proclaim the greatness of God by telling others of how great He is and the great things He has done to show us mercy, grace and love.

What great things has God done in your life? Who can you tell about it?

Proclaim God’s greatness and give Him lavish displays of sacred splendor! Before you go to sleep tonight, tell God how much you love Him and give Him credit for what you experienced today.

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