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God's Presence and His Promises

“The Lord is coming, always coming. When you have ears to hear and eyes to see, you will recognize him at any moment of your life. Life is Advent; life is recognizing the coming of the Lord.”

Henri Nouwen

Welcome to week TWO of the season of Advent!


Monday, 12/7: Where do you see examples of hope in the Old Testament? How do they offer a unique perspective on hope?

Tuesday, 12/8: Carmen Joy Imes highlights the way hope is depicted in Exodus: “Christian hope is rooted in God’s seeing. Nothing escapes his notice. The heart of Advent is knowing that God sees a world gone wrong and that he will do something to make it right.” What’s your reaction to her observation about hope? About Advent?

Wednesday, 12/10: Read Psalm 46 with the experiences of 2020 in mind. What lines or phrases resonate with you?

Thursday, 12/11: Read Isaiah 2:1–5; 40:1–11; 64:1–9. Like many biblical prophecies, these passages point toward multiple layers of fulfillment. How do you see these passages pointing toward Jesus’ birth and his life on earth? How do they point toward the Second Coming and Christ’s reign over all things?

Friday, 12/12: Read Isaiah 9:2–7. How do the descriptions of the Messiah in this passage speak to our deep human longings and needs?

Saturday, 12/13: What is one phrase or expression from Psalm 46 or the Isaiah readings that best expresses your response to God this week? How do you desire to strengthen your hope in him?

May you experience God’s peace in the midst of these uncertain and chaotic times even though it “exceeds anything you can understand.” God’s peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

God’s presence will bring you peace!

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