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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Day 10 of 15 days to give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving a day early… just for fun in case you want to throw around some useless knowledge at the table tomorrow, CLICK HERE for a brief history lesson on how “stuffing” made its way into Thanksgiving, and a recipe from the west coast with a new twist to the famous dish! Stuffing, dressing, filling… whatever you call it, enjoy!

Read Luke 17:11-19 (TPT)… Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

11 Jesus traveled on toward Jerusalem and passed through the border region between Samaria and Galilee. 12 As he entered one village, ten men approached him, but they kept their distance, for they were lepers. 13 They shouted to him, “Mighty Lord, our wonderful Master! Won’t you have mercy on us and heal us?” 14 When Jesus stopped to look at them, he spoke these words: “Go to be examined by the Jewish priests.” They set off, and they were healed while walking along the way. 15 One of them, a foreigner from Samaria, when he discovered that he was completely healed, turned back to find Jesus, shouting out joyous praises and glorifying God. 16 When he found Jesus, he fell down at his feet and thanked him over and over, saying to him, “You are the Messiah.” This man was a Samaritan.

17 “So where are the other nine?” Jesus asked. “Weren’t there ten who were healed? 18 They all refused to return to give thanks and give glory to God except you, a foreigner from Samaria?” 19 Then Jesus said to the healed man lying at his feet, “Arise and go. It was your faith that brought you salvation and healing.”

Reflection Question: It’s never too late to say “thank you” to God for His rescue plan for your life. Besides God, who do you need to thank today? Don’t wait, don’t hesitate… do it now!

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