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What's in a name...

I'm not sure why my name is Timothy. Rumor has it they named me after a favorite cat!? UGH! I know that my name means, "one who honors God", and I have tried to live up to that definition every since I gave my heart and life to serve Jesus. (1977 for those who are keeping track) But in reality, there is nothing special about my name; lots of boys have the name Timothy. I am not special because my name is Timothy. I suspect your name is unique and was given to you for a reason, and your name does have a meaning... look it up HERE.

In this blog, given the current events we are living through, I have chosen to focus on the theme of "hope". I did a search through the New Testament of the Bible using the New Living Translation and found 65 entries. I thought I would expound on them all with brevity and wisdom.

Matthew 12:21... "And his name will be the hope of all the world." This was originally written by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah when he was trying to convince his audience that God had not left them or abandoned them to their own sinful ways. Isaiah was sharing a prophecy about a savior, a man given from God by God to show Himself as God to all peoples everywhere! Matthew, the hated, cheating tax collector turned follower and disciple of Jesus was sharing the prophecy with his audience and to the religious leaders of the day who didn't believe that Jesus could be God let alone be someone worth following and putting your hope in. But there it is... a promise that the name of Jesus will give the world hope! Now that is a name worth something! That is a name to put on the list above every other name! That is the name that will give you hope during these confusing and uncertain days! That is the name... Jesus, by which all people will be saved! Trust in the name and power of Jesus today!

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