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Where is your hope? Who is your hope in?

Today, you should ask yourself, “in whom are you putting your hope?” We are now nearly 30 days into isolation and restrictions on our gatherings, and I am concerned that it is starting to change the way we think. Negative thoughts and insecurities tend to creep into our minds on a good day; our thoughts and ideas become quite loud when we are alone, and we begin to imagine and perceive life in an unhealthy way. Now, with no one else around to give witness and testimony to how faithful God has been through all of this, our inner selves are speaking loudly and you may be tempted to listen more closely than you do on a normal day. Who or what is speaking into your life? Can they or it be trusted to deliver the truth so that you continue on a healthy path toward growth? In the scripture quoted above, Jesus was speaking to the religious leaders and challenging them as to why they did not believe Him or believe in His message. They were putting more trust and faith in their spiritual earthly father who was Moses, and forgetting to believe what Moses believed when he was alive. God would promise a savior to the nation of Israel, and now Jesus was right there among them, doing God’s work and giving witness to the power of God. In reality, they had not put there trust in Moses or in God. They had put their faith and trust in themselves! They could not see or hear past their own writings or thoughts. The were self-reliant and had drifted away from God’s plan for their lives. Today, you should pause and read John 5:16-30; mediate and reflect on these three questions. 1. From scripture, what do you discover or learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

2. What do you discover or learn about yourself and others from these verses? 3. What can you apply to your life from what you’ve discovered or learned from these verses? Be specific! Today, may you put your hope in Jesus Christ and His words to you from His Word. Hang in there and stop believing that how you feel is how things really are; you might be listening too closely and to the wrong voice speaking into your life!

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